Battle and Life Counter Welle 2 & das Ergebnis der Black Edition Umfrage

Dear Backers, dear Friends, dear everyone!

It is just amazing! The first Wave of the Battle and Life Counter Pledge is sold out! As we mentioned before in our FAQs we „limited“ the pledges to guarantee you the delivery time. So today we added the new Wave 2 Pledge with the new delivery date in June. We are so happy that the Battle Counter convinces you and you join us in the campaign! Thank you!

Now back to the real limited thing: the Black Edition. The survey is now online since a week and we did get some helpful answers of you! Thanks for your help with this!
The results so far: 60% of the participants think it would be a great idea to make more Black Editions, 20% do not care, and 20% don’t like the idea. Also we came to know that there is still a high demand on the Black Edition. So what to do?
In our last team meeting we made a decision that (as we hope) makes everybody happy: The Black Edition in this shape will stay limited.
There will be no more than 50 pieces.
Never ever!
50 pieces? Yes, that means we will add a limited amount of Black Editions during the campaign in steps of ten pieces as long as there is demand and as long as the total of Black Editions will never exceeds 50 pieces. We will announce the time when we increase the next 10, so everyone will get the chance to secure his own Black Edition.

We will increase the Pledge for the next 10 pieces
on Sunday, 18th February at 20:00 CET.

This is our solution for bridging the gap between your demands. Thanks again for your feedback!

That’s it for now, goodbye and thank you!