[:de]Armybox Black Edition Survey[:]

[:de]Hello everyone!

We have reached 150 backers and the next stretch goal is imminent! When we reached 10.000 €, everybody who backs (or has backed) the Life Counter will get a free set of Objective Markers!

Also we began producing the Early Birds as well as the Black Editions. So we are in our timeframe! 🙂

Like we said in our last update the black edition is in great demand. We decided to make 10 more Black Editions to respond on this but it seems that the demand is even much higher.

Because of this we wanted to make a little survey with you all to see what more we can do to make everybody happy! 🙂

We want to know how many of you are interested in getting the Black Edition. And also we want to know if somebody bothers about making more Black Editions while this is labeled as limited. We can promise that the Black Edition stays limited, because of the great effort to build them. Since acryl is not easy to glue we only sell them already assembled.

Now we hope many of you join in this survey!

Here is the Link to the Survey: CLICK ME!

Thank you all again for your support![:]

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